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The NES Zapper

When I was very young, and the NES first came out, there were many mysteries that came out of the box alongside the system itself. I’d heard rumors of how to get to “Minus One” world in NES.  (HERE is a demo on how to pull it off…after 35 years […]


I’m back. Somehow it’s been 3 months since my last post, despite the fact I was finally getting into the swing of writing. But as soon as I got going with my Nintendo playthrough goal, I picked up a massive project at work—I ended up running a safety investigation, based […]

Miyamoto and Mario

Mario, of Nintendo fame, isn’t actually Italian. Or at least the real Mario, the actual person the character’s name comes from, isn’t Italian. He’s actually an American. When Shigeru Miyamoto was in California, selling the initial shipments of Donkey Kong cabinets to arcades, the games were stored in a little […]

The First Five Sports Games

10 YARD FIGHT Originally an arcade game from 1983 by Irem, 10 Yard Fight game was ported over to the NES in order to be ready for the launch system. The only real difference between the cabinet and the port was the ability to play defense; the arcade was strictly […]

The Release of the NES!

July 15, 1983. The day the world changed for home video games. That’s the day that Nintendo released the gorgeous, red and brown FAMICOM for the grand price of ¥14,800 (about 65 bucks US.) It launched with 3 games (Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, and Popeye), and didn’t have a […]