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Welcome to MJ’s 8-Bit adventure

Welcome to a project that’s far too ambitious for me to every actually complete. I’m going to play all the games for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, in order of release, and write something about each of them.

Yeah, I know it’s a horrible idea. Yeah, I know I’ll never actually finish. Yeah, I know there’s almost nobody out there who wants to actually read the background and my opinion of the roughly 700 games originally released for the NES.

But here’s the deal. I’ve spent my whole life talking about how I want to be a writer. And the only way to get good at writing is to write. While I have some REALLY good ideas of what I want to write eventually, I’m also still at the stage where I write 10% of the idea, look at it, immediately vomit in disappointment, and give up.

But I really, really do want to write. So I decided to pick something a little more bite-sized. After months of kicking it around, I settled on the original Nintendo games. There’s a bunch of them, and most of them aren’t THAT good. But they are good enough for a couple of hundred words on the bad games, and maybe a little more on the good ones.

So this project, as unlikely as it’ll ever be finished, is a way to force myself to write. The rules are simple. I play a game, I research a game, and I write about a game. Then I do a single edit of what I’ve written, and I put it out here. No over thinking. No going back and fixing. No stress, just play, learn, write, post, and move on.

It’s a way to force me to write without overthinking.

I apologize in advance for how bad this is going to be.

Thanks for reading, and buckle up for a journey that will likely take years.