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Welcome back to your irregularly scheduled programming

OK. It’s it’s been 4 ½ years since I wrote my last blog entry here. I figure there’s been a few things that have happened since then. There’s been an entire 1st Trump term. I spent a year in Afghanistan. I (my wife) had a baby, and now he’s starting his second year of pre-school. I’ve changed 3 jobs.  WE’VE HAD AN ENTIRE ELECTION CYCLE OF A TRUMP PRESIDENCY.

And while I have played a ton of games, including some NES games, I haven’t written a single. damn. thing. about any of it. I DID have 36,000 comments to reply to on my first two entries here, but unless you want to buy pills to make certain parts of your body bigger, there wasn’t anything useful in them. (I’m convinced somebody actually HAS invented a pill to make that part of the body larger, but because of the years of spam emails before the creation, we all just ignore his email campaign.)

But then the pandemic happened. And I realized that my job, some weeks, is 80 hours of work crammed into 60 hours, and other weeks (most of them) is 25 hours of work crammed into 40. And I realize that I can surf and the athletic’s websites over and over again, or I can try to start writing again. And then I got an email about approving yet another blog comment, and I decided to get off my ass and get started on the original plan from years ago. (plus, we’ve been paying for this website to collect spam comments…which is nice, I guess, from the sense of giving the spam jackasses a target, so they have something to do, but not nice in the sense of “I spent whatever a year of hosting costs 4 times and did literally nothing but cyber squat on a URL that isn’t in high demand.”

(plus this gives me an excuse to be playing Excitebike or surfing articles about the history of RBI Baseball instead of doing actual office work with T comes downstairs to check on me.)

I relooked at my list of NES games, and immediately got the same sinking, “Shit, there’s like 700 games to play through” mindset that I had before.

I decided to change my plan of attack.

Instead of individual articles, I’m gonna go by release month (North American release order), or, in the case of big months, split the releases into chunks and talk about them like that. It’s a whole lot easier to write 500-1000 words on 4 games than one. Especially some of the early ones that have zero history out there, and are either so hard (or so boring) that I end up rage quitting before I have enough time in-game to write something.

So welcome back to the new and (very slightly) improved MJ’s 8-Bit Adventure. I warn you, this isn’t going to be any less strange of a journey than it would have been if I had done this in 2016. I’m still a freakin’ weirdo. My since of humor is, at best, described as “uber dark yet strangely juvenile.” I’m going to go off on tangents that will be far more detailed, and far less informative, than the original topic. You’re gonna get some strange side trips down alleys that nobody wants to read about.

But here’s the good thing. At last check, the only people reading this are trying to sell me penis enlargement pills. If anything, a side-discussion of the fall of the CRT-TV just distracts them from emailing your gmail, and I’m the one who gets 4100 comment requests, in Russian, trying to sell me “best pill for mens who need to make womens happiest.”

You’re welcome.

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